Extra fine lambswool V-neck knit

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The V-neck knit waist that looks simple at first glance has a curved line, and it is designed to give a feminine and soft impression so that the overall silhouette appears uneven when worn.
Using only the hair of rare lambs around 6 months old, it has a very luxurious finish that has been given a strong fleshy finish by applying a strong velvet process.
The design technique that makes the body silhouette look sharp is pattern making, which is also a feature of Ilot.
A knit top that feels warm yet soft and has a well-thought-out décolletage line that makes you feel feminine.


Length 60cm
Width 46cm
Waist 36cm
shoulder width 61cm
Sleeve length 45cm
Front drop 25cm


Material/Extra Fine Lamb 100%
Country of origin/Made in Japan
washing indication/
Product number/018-KT04
color/sage size/free