Melton Long Coat_Gray

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This product will be sold exclusively at the atelier shop on October 8th and 10th.

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A wool coat made from high-quality material pulled from ultra-fine count wool super'120.
Worsted double-weave fabric has moderate elasticity and a classy surface. IIROT's minimalistic design is finished so that accessories such as buttons cannot be seen.
It features three-dimensional sleeves created by devising a switch, and the overall silhouette is designed to be a straight line that looks beautiful.
It is finished in a minimal and highly practical coat.


Length 120cm
Width 50cm
shoulder width 56cm
Sleeve length 52cm

Length 124cm
Width 53cm
shoulder width 58cm
Sleeve length 54cm

Fitting Model/160cm Size 38


Material/100% wool (fully lined)
Country of origin/Made in China Washing instructions/
Product number/020-022-WC20
Color/Gray Size/36.38